We're Setting a Very High Standard

Shopping for a shower door is often the most expensive component of your bathroom, therefore you should be making an educated decision when selecting a company to work with. Let us help you understand "The Precision Difference" and some great tips to help you be an educated consumer.

Our process is easy, in about a week, we measure, manufacture, and install your custom shower door. The difficult part is the 30 years of experience behind our product and it's unmatched quality. Most of the features that are included in a Precision Shower Door will be considered "extras or upsells" for other companies, and billed additionally. We know that the only way to manufacture a product that will last is to set an extremely high standard for quality.

What are the Precision standards?

In our region, typically the water has a number of deficiencies that will quickly affect the appearance of your shower door. This is because glass is porous and can be penetrated by soap scum and hard water. Every Precision Shower Door features Clarvista Protection, a treatment that renders the glass non-porous. The result is a long lasting, stain free shower door.  To read more about Precision Clarvista Protection, click here. Next, we only use 1/2" thick Starphire Ultra-Clear glass. Starphire is Ultra-Clear, not green like all other glass. This is because of a low-iron formulation that produces the highest clarity possible. To read more about Precision Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass, click here. All Precision Shower Door hardware is solid brass and built to handle the 1/2" thick glass.

No Hidden Costs

When working with Precision, we believe in a transparent quoting process. All necessary costs are included in our quotes: The entire enclosure, its complete installation, your existing door's removal, and all hardware. No surprises!

What should we be aware of when receiving quotes from other companies?

Some immediate things to be cautious of when receiving quotes would be the following:

  • Is the height of each door exactly the same? Enclosure height should always be above the showerhead, typically 84” on a standard shower and 72” on a tub enclosure.
  • Are you getting Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass? If not, the glass will be green. The green glass will resemble a coke bottle, typically undesirable for a bathroom but lower cost and more "profitable" glass.
  • Is your glass protected by Clarvista? If not, you will experience staining and visual defects within the first 18 months of your new shower door, typically with standard use.
  • Are you being quoted an enclosure with mixed thicknesses of 3/8" and 1/2" glass? This is a red flag for a seller compensating lower quality hinges, which lack the capacity to carry a 1/2" door.
  • Do they need to come on site to provide a quote? This is typically not necessary.

 Call (732) 389-8175 for an instant consultation and pricing over the phone, request Shower Door Pricing online, or visit our Designer Shower Door Showroom in Eatontown, NJ for a look at full sized displays and finishing hardware.

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